For a horse-human relationship based on reciprocal expression

The results we can achieve in terms of cognitive development of the horse can be enthusiastic if a person is able to create a dialogue with both the emotional and mental dimension of the horse.

In the first image we see Francesco De Giorgio riding a problematic horse named Cimango, confronted with the powerful ritualization of a horse named Wild Rain. Wild Rain has full freedom of expression, which is the first and most important pillar of Equine Anthrozoology. Cimango relies on Francesco’s calmness, smiling in a critical moment. In this way Cimango handles his  emotions and starts to trigger cognitive processes.

In the second image Wild Rain, after having had the opportunity to express herself, freely calms down and goes into a quiet mode ready for the relationship with Cimango, which in turn activated the cognitive processes becoming open for the relationship with Wild Rain.



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