For a horse-human relationship based on reciprocal expression

Support for students in Equine Science

We give support with our experience in the internartional research to students in equine science, during their experimental thesis in the field of cognitive equine ethology, in coordination with your supervising professor.

We give support in observations, equine ethogram, data analysis and interpretation, research review, publishing in international scientific meetings or in scientific journals.


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  1. This website and overall equine ethical presentation is exactly what we have been looking for, like-minded scientists with a anthropological heart placing the equine at the centre of the research, in addition to the illumination of the horse/human dyad. My partner and I own and run a research organisation in England where we attempt to work with thoroughbred horses whom have left racing and polo, and are both currently engaged in Phd and MPhil projects examining equine cognition and equine ethology. We would very much welcome joined-up working practices with you guys to share and disseminate ideas as a co-operative, as so often in the equine science world, academics are not also compliant when sharing information! Our website is which equates to the Therapeutic Rehabilitation of Thoroughbreds.

    • You can find a lot of information in our book “The Cognitive Horse”, as well as further fields of study in the list of literature included at the end.
      Warm regards, Jose and Francesco (

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