For a horse-human relationship based on reciprocal expression

Learning Animals is coming to the UK !

The 15th edition of these world-changing study programs will be launched with the Learning Horse Human-Animal Study course in applied Zooantropology at HorseThinking, County Durham.

The course, which starts on the 16th May 2015, aims to improve the awareness and recognition for the animal as an emotional and perceptive being as well as improving the understanding of how a reciprocal relationship can be developed between humans and animals, with a particular focus on horses.
Zooanthropology is part of a global cultural change that puts the current anthropocentric relationship between animals and humans into question.
The course is comprised of six detailed modules which will be taught across two phases over a period of five months, and will culminate with a final exam. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive the certificate for applied equine zooanthropology. The course modules are set out as follows:

1) Animal Ethics in the interspecies relationship
(also available as single module)

2) Principles of Cognitive Ethology – Masterclass

3) Cognition and Learning

4) Dialogue and Social Dynamics

5) Problem experiences

6) Zooanthropology in practice

Course participants will learn to understand and recognise how the cognitive abilities of a horse can give depth an meaning to relationships and quality of life. The course will create the awareness of how the quality of life for horses is related to the ability to be able to engage in a dialogue with their own perceptions, their own experiences, emotions and cognition.
The course is being led by Biologist Francesco De Giorgio and teacher in applied zooanthropology José Schoorl. Please see biographies below.
If you would like to speak to either Francesco or José, they are both available for interview at your convenience.
To find out more about the Learning Horse Human-Animal Study course, call 07553475309 or email
About Learning Animals:

Learning Animals is a company based in the Netherlands, working on an international level to create awareness for the animal-human relationship, taken the socio-cognitive abilities of both into account. This is done by offering education programs, university guest lectures, student support in research regarding socio-cognitive abilities and the animal-human interaction, writing of books and articles, collaboration with animal-welfare organisations, individual consults and the organisation of conferences, workshops and seminars.

For more information go to or call +31 (0)644834881. Learning Animals Achterstraat 64, Nistelrode (Nederland)

Francesco De Giorgio is a Biologist specialising in animal cognition and with a life experience in the relationship with horses and dogs. He is a teacher in the understanding and appreciation of the cognitive, zooanthropologic model to improve relationship dynamics, animal wellbeing and rehabilitation processes. Francesco is a member of the Ethics Committee of ISAE (International Society for Applied Ethology) and unique in his insight in the dialogue of equids with the world around them.
José De Giorgio-Schoorl is a teacher in applied zooanthropology and personal growth facilitator. She specialised in the facilitation of cultural changes and is a consult in the animal-human relationship. José strives to improve the way humans understand the elements in their relationship with animals from their point of view and facilitates in-depth personal growth paths.


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