For a horse-human relationship based on reciprocal expression

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We live with our horses in ‘s-Hertogenbosch – Netherlands


Francesco De Giorgio is a Equine Cognitive Ethologist | Zooanthropologist | Lecturer | Writer

Curriculum Francesco De Giorgio


José Schoorl is a Speaker | Trainer in the Horse-Human relationship (Zooantropology) | Horse and People Coach

Curriculum José Schoorl:


mail contact:

Francesco De Giorgio | José Maria Schoorl

Learning Horse
06 44834881


Comments on: "CV | Contact | Information" (3)

  1. Hello,
    I’m an Equine Behaviorist in California. I would very much like to have access to research data, to strengthen my curriculum, and expand my own knowledge. I have not been able to access the website at I’m very interested in connecting with you. Please e-mail me.

  2. Really impressed, but battery running out on laptop so back tomorrow. keep up the good work.
    Simon Mulholland

  3. I love this book, you have in the book put words on something I tried to convey to my students, but I lacked words to be able to talk about it. What you described in the book is so valuable to me, it ‘s like I’ve gotten a little treasure in my hand. What you put words on in the book will help me to explain to my students the things I thought I explained but I now understand that they have not at all understood. I have felt like a drowned without oxygen in my attempts to explain. Most of us who have horses and work with horses, have our beginning is in an old tradition with horses. I have tried putting the old completely aside, but I also realize that there must be a bridge that helps people from the old to the new. Finally, one word; I love your book, it leads us into the future relationship with horses. I have so many years talking about that the horse today means more than the horse has ever done before in history , but in a completely different way. Many thanks and many hugs to you / Ewa Schaeder

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